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May 01, 2005


Paul Coletti

I'm not convinced . . . Is that the same France where a bunch of elderly citizens in state care died during the heatwave of 2003?

Tom Fuller

Hi Paul, essentially, the elderly died because their parents went on vacation and they couldn't get to the hospitals. A lot of them were in private care facilities, true, but most died in their un-air conditioned apartments.


The French health system is not sustainable in its current form. See http://www.guardian.co.uk/france/story/0,11882,1219704,00.html for example.


Well, I'm new to this area of knowledge / thought, so feel free to shoot me down in flames -I won't mind, really I won't.

Apart from trying to give a different reason for French longevity - could it be the health giving properties of wine? The blood thinning medicine that is garlic? The fact that waking up to the prospect of another day in Loire Valley is a more attractive proposition than a grim midlands morning? - there is another question. Is the French pension system up to the longer life expectancy?

(That was not a rhetorical question – I really don’t know)

Maybe the UK authorities see the eating of chips and the lower life expectancy as a solution to this issue...

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